Stolen Elephant Babies

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"The traffic in live baby elephants is despicably inhumane  and cruel"  D. Sheldrick


Please make sure you take the time to browse the following sites, as they have a great deal of information about this horrible situation. The latest news is that WWF-SA bought 9 of the baby elephants, and 5 were sold to Craig Sanders Farm.

Important Links

ElephantPlease go to The Tuli Elephant Action Page for the latest information and news on the situation as well as for a good history and synopsis. Or click here to go directly to the Breaking News section...

Horrible Videos of Tuli Elephants

Tuli ElephantsWith Daphne Sheldrick describing events, this sad video shows the brutality these Tuli elephants received at the hands of African Game Services. Note your require RealPlayer G2 to view video clip.

Free Realplayer G2If you do not have it please download and install the program by clicking on the Free RealPlayer Button.

Set Them Free!

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