Mission Statement


The mission of this site is fairly simple. To help elephants in any way possible from unneeded suffering, harm, and to help prevent their eradication from the world. It is a nonprofit site that does not (on its own) sell merchandise of any kind. The help and support of this site is solely from a few volunteers that spend countless hours searching and updating the pages. As an Amazon.com associate, we are able to make it easy for people seeking to learn and open their lives to elephants to find what they need and at the same time be able to donate any proceeds through their business link plan to worthwhile elephant charities. We are also now associates with a number of other companies from search engines to poster sales to help guide you in enriching your life with elephant information. Feel freee to search to your hearts content and earn money for an elephant project we support.

"To aid in ensuring a future for elephants in the years to come. Through education and forming an understanding of the Elephant, we think the world will become a "better" place. It is our goal to insure future generations can grow up to see their magnificence without iron bars. From promoting the people who help elephants directly or indirectly, promoting further ecological research, and by making people aware of their beauty and sensitivity we believe they can be saved."

The chief way that we see this site helping is through disseminating information about elephants, raising awareness about their plight and to share some of the many experiences people have had with elephants.

Basically, it is a great deal easier to make sweeping generalizations about someone when we are less educated on the topic. Hence, by becoming better educated, then we can be able to open our minds.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Albert Einstein

It is through education that we are forced to question some of our actions which before might have be acceptable within our moral roadmaps. This site hopes to open people's eyes to the elephant and at the same time spark a desire within people to battle to save these beautiful fellow animals.

It is the dwindling habitat from Man's encroachment, the senseless killing of elephants for their ivory that threatens in the coming years to finish the elephant. Our mission is to do our part in making sure this does not happen.

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