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We have made every possible effort to document our references (Great Books and References) for many of the pages dealing with information on elephants. Due to the nature of this site, everything unless specifically noted is not copyright for personal use. Thus, you may use the information on the pages to further the plight of the elephant. However, in the spirit of the Internet, I require that you put a linked reference to the Elephant Repository so that people can find us (and further the cause at hand). Obviously, certain quotes on some of the pages are property of their respective owners and are most certainly copyrighted. None of the photos on this page may be used for a commercial purpose, but by all means use them with a reference for personal use. If have specific questions about using certain material please feel free to contact us for more information.

Everything on this site is here for the sole purpose of benefiting elephants worldwide. If you or your organization is involved in a similar cause drop us a line with some more information.

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