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  1. Africa´s Elephant Kingdom (Dicsovery´s IMAX Film)

Discovery IMAX FilmAfrica´s Elephant Kingdom (Discovery's IMAX Film)
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I recently created the opportunity to see this film in Vancouver, British Columbia. On the huge screen, the elephants are so lifelike they draw you into their lives. It is a story narrated and portrayed from a bull elephant's "point of view"; it takes a good look into his clan focusing on his family, and himself. Some of the highlights were spectacular! It was fabulous to see an elephant scratching against a tree causing an entire colony of weaver birds to go silent. Also, it showed in part a ritualized bull fight with the common walking in single file until the battle begins, stops, and resumes till there is a winner. The good footage of a group of elephants examining the bones of a relative was captivating; their intelligence and memory probably far exceeds our own prized memories and we can only speculate on the depth of their experiences. It is well researched, good for all ages and is an excellent window into an elephant's life. For some it may be just a night on the town, but for others it might be a new beginning of wonder; by looking into the lives of these caring, compassionate, and conscious fellow animals it becomes hard to ignore the pleas of these amazing individuals!

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Note: part of the proceeds to this film goes to Ian Douglas Hamilton´s Save The Elephants Foundation. Please see this file and help support a very worthy and important cause.

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