Sad Eyes & Empty Lives

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Please note: this video contains some important footage that will help you make up your own mind about the true nature of zoos. In the very least lets hope this video helps improve the conditions of animals locked up (including elephants).

A Captive Animals' Protection Society


The term 'zoo' was not used until the early 1800s when the Zoological Society of London was founded. At the end of World War II, the UK had only fourteen zoos, but in the late fifties and early sixties saw the number of zoos rise, reaching about 250 by the 1980s.

Today zoos are a relic of a bygone age - a Victorian concept which, as our knowledge of the animal kingdom grows, becomes even less palatable.

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This video questions the role of zoos in conservation presenting evidence that zoos have in fact put the con in conservation. The killing of surplus animals and the traffic in wild-caught animals from the wild are also examined.

CAPS The CAPS zoo video, Sad Eyes and Empty lives contains footage filmed by their investigators at zoos and safari parks in England and Wales. All filming was carried out from August 1998 onwards and features 22 different establishments contrasted with wild animal footage from Africa and India.

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