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  1. The Elephant Jungle
  2. Submit LinksSissy Haskell´s Elephant Page
  3. Claudia's Animated Elephants
  4. Speaking with Elephants New!
  5. Elephant News Page: Articles, Thailand, Alerts, Phaajaan, PicturesNew!
Elephant Walking

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The Elephant Jungle

Another brief page with a basic breakdown on elephants, their structure, the difference between Asian and African elephants.

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Haskell´s Elephant Page

Sissy´s page has a personal touch that spreads the word about elephants and a little compassion. By sharing a few brief accounts of her experiences, this page is neat. Also, there is a section on elephant information that is worth browsing.

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DancingClaudia's Animated Elephant Page

This page contains many animated elephant gifs including a few that were produced at the repository. If you have seen it moving on the web, there is a good chance it is located on this site.

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Speaking With Elephants By Deena Metzger New!

A heartfelt story of an interaction with elephants in Botswana.

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