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Concerned Groups
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Conservation / Concerned Groups

  1. The Elephant Project - Born Free Foundation
  2. Friends Of The Asian Elephant
  3. African Wildlife Foundation
  4. Care For The Wild
  5. The Captive Animalīs Protection Society
  6. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - elephant orphans
  7. The Owens Foundation For Wildlife Conservation
  8. Asian Elephant Habitat Program
  9. The Elephant Sanctuary
  10. Save The Elephants
  11. CITES Watch (HSUS) on Animal Channel . NET
  12. Friends of the Elephant Foundation
  13. African Elephant Conservation Trust
  14. Elephant Help - Asian Elephant
  15. The Malaysian Elephant Centre at Kuala Gandah
  16. Irish African/Asian Conservation & Wildlife Trust
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Below are a few picture links to the various organizations.

The Elephant Sanctuary
Owens Foundation for Wildlife Conservation
Friends Of The Asian Elephants

Adopt An Elephant Today From The Sheldrick Trust

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Save The Elephants
African Wildlife Foundation

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