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Silent ThunderSilent Thunder: In The Presence of Elephants by Katy Payne

A fascinating story about the discovery of infrasonic communication between elephants, her experiences with elephants, and the implications of culling on these magnificent creatures. Payne maintains a foundation of integrity in her book which opens your heart to these beautiful animals. It is full of facts, anecdotes, stories and passion. I highly recommend buying this book as it is an incredible story and it is for the elephants! Listen to Katy on CNN

The Astonishing ElephantThe Astonishing Elephant by Shana Alexander elephants

This is simply an amazing book and a must read for all Elephant lovers. You will find Alexanser's story touching, educational, and very important as she puts together an amazing book on Elephants. I highly recommend reading this book and welcome any comments or experiences you have after reading this very moving tale.

Coming of Age With Elephants by Joyce Poole

Coming Of Age With ElephantsThis is a well-written and wonderfully insightful glance into the lives of elephants. If you are interesting in learning more about the hidden lives of elephants this is the book. Her story was both enthralling and insightful. I salute her for her work in getting the elephant listed on the endangered species list; trying to prevent the slide of elephants into possible extinction. I cried when the elephants gave her a welcoming ceremony upon her return from a long departure. Thanks. Joyce Poole is world renowned in her scientific studies on elephants. Her knowledge was the root of many National Geographic articles, specials and documentaries. She was actively involved in trying to put a ban on ivory and prevent the slide of elephants into possible extinction. A must read for all!

The Fate Of The Elephant by Douglas Chadwick

A well written and great source of knowledge on the plight of the elephant, their history, the ivory trade, and their hope for a future. This book is especially worthwhile for anyone concerned about the Fate of the Elephants. Douglas Chadwick is a wildlife biologist, a long time conservationist, is a frequent contributor to National Geographic, and has published more than two hundred articles. This was a very educating and sobering read about historical information on the ivory trade and covered so many different topics that you must see it for yourself.

Elephant Memories: Thirteen Years in the Life of an Elephant Family by Cynthia MossElephant Memories

Cynthia Moss, often referred to as the elephant woman, has studied elephants for most of her life. This book has a touch of everything in it. With her incredible knowledge about elephants, she shares some enchanting stories and facts about elephants that are hard to find without spending years with these wonderful creatures. I highly reading this book as it opens a window into the life of one of the most amazing elephant researchers working to teach us more about the hidden life of the elephant.

Keepers of the Ark: an Elephants' View of Captivity by R. J. Ryan

Keepers of the ArkR J. Ryan details the abuse that is inherent in keeping Elephants captive in a Zoo type setting. He shares his first hand experience as an employees at an Elephant program in San Diego Wild Animal Park. In this book, Ryan details the systematic and often cruel methods used to control the elephants. I highly recommend reading this book as it is a great educational tool. Ryan is quoted as saying "An attitude permeated throughout almost all of the elephant keepers that I would meet -- how dare these elephants fight back when we asked them to do any behavior. They were on this planet to serve us in any way that we saw fit, and if any one of them chose to do otherwise, she or he would surely pay the price for it.." (Ryan P. 65). For those concerned about the plight of the captive elephant or to those who like to frequent the Zoo / Circus, this is a must read. It sure makes you think...

The Eye of the Elephant : An Epic Adventure in the African Wilderness

This book is one of the most eye opening views on the impact of poaching on both The Eye of The Elephantthe fellow animals and people within a country. A true eye opener and a must for people who feel they have be swayed by the propaganda of "pay as you go conservation" with the first legal sale of ivory just taken place in over 10 years. A dark day for the elephant that every expert who has studied elephants in their own element is very concerned about. This is both an inspiring work of art as well and a sad but necessary look at the heart of poaching and the corruption bred from greed where money is involved. Also, their book The Cry of the Kalahari will make you cry and laugh for the fellow animals of this earth and starts a remarkable story of two amazing individuals. You simply must get these two books as their work and their legacy is something to be admired by all people.

Elephants: The Deciding Decade edited by Ronald Orenstein

This book contains paragraphs from some of world's leading authorities on the African elephant as well as some quite beautiful pictures. It is a great resource for people looking to learn more about the elephant, its history, information about its history with CITES, and a great deal more. Want more? Proceeds from the sale of the book go to the International Wildlife Coalition's project in expanding the Marakele National Park. This project is a worthwhile cause in both benefiting the elephants and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Please, if you want to learn more about elephants and their plight, or just want a book with some very good pictures buy this book!

Fiction Based Elephant Books

The White Bone by Barbara Gowdy

The White BoneThis book and Barbara Gowdy surprised me in the ingenious way the elephant characters were woven in to the story with elephant knowledge and lore to form the distinct personalities of each individual. Despite the losses and the killing of the elephants, I was left with a feeling of hope and wonder about elephants in general. Although it is obviously a fictitious story, the information and knowledge of different elephant capacities through her research forms a very believable story and it is a worthwhile and riveting read. Enjoy!

Hardcover - 330 pages (May 1999)
Metropolitan Books; ISBN: 0805060367 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.27 x 8.56 x 5.88

Amazing Hard To Find / Out Of Print Ele-Books

The Tsavo Story by Daphne Sheldrick

The Tsavo StoryThis book offers a very unique look into a part of Kenya's history, wildlife, and the connection that can be made between us and the "other" animals. Daphne Sheldrick offers wise words in this book about all animals, and especially Elephants. Her stories are packed with inspiration and humour and is as entertaining as it is educational. This is a must read book if you can get your hands on it. Event better, her life story will amaze you; for more information about Daphne Sheldrick please click here.


Among the Elephants by Iain & Oria Douglas-Hamilton

Written in the 70's by two of the most renowned elephant experts, this book is a gem that can take you back to the "old days" and open your mind to the progress and history of Iain & Oria Douglas-Hamilton and their work for elephants. I especially enjoyed reading this book (apart from the part dealing with Harlow's horrible experiments dealing with rhesus monkeys on P.189 - I have to believe they couldn't have know how sadistic these experiments really were back then). The book takes you through the drama of the author's lives, is packed with great information on elephants, and is a historical masterpiece. If you can get this book I highly recommend reading it.

Battle for the Elephants by Iain & Oria Douglas-Hamilton

This is one of the most insightful books I have read about the elephants situation within the world from the 60s - 90s. It gives an inside story of Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton's work in batting to save sad massacre of elephants for their body parts, flesh and most of all Ivory. This is a dramatic story that simply must be read by every elephant lover! Although the tale was sad in its scope, the substance and value of this masterpiece is vital for considering the survival of the elephant. If you can find this book, don't pass up the chance to read this story to educate yourself about the plight of the elephant. I commend Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton for all they have done for the elephants.

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