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Trunk Full of Tales

Walker's Mammals of the World (6th Ed)
By Ronald M. Nowak

As this book is not yet released I am unable to give an appropriate review of it. This book is a remarkable classic and was first published in 1964. Since then it has assumed first place among general works on the class. It continues in a similar form as a handsome, exhaustive set of monumental proportions. The fifth edition covered all mammals known in historical time (since ca.3000 B.C.): 1,116 genera of mammals, 4,444 different species. The Sixth should be even better!

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The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals
By Jonathan Kingdon

African MammalsThis is the most complete African mammal guide available to date. The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals , features identification, classification, and species information for all known African mammals and it includes many newly-discovered species. Written by one of the foremost authorities on African mammals, this concise guide provides full information on identification, distribution, ecology, and conservation status on over 1,100 species. 480 color illus., 280 maps.

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