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Trunk Full of Tales

Reflections on ElephantsReflections on Elephants 1994 (National Geographic)

  • This video is a masterpiece with exceptional footage and a look into the emotional side of the Elephant. Derek Joubert reveals the amazing capabilities of these gentle fellow animals. He looks into both their self-awareness as well their awareness of death. He shows what everyday life consists of for an elephant. One of the most touching parts in the film is the acceptance of a lost elephant baby by a non-related matriarch I highly recommend this video to anyone who is interested in Elephants. Enjoy!

Elephants of IndiaElephants of India w/ Goldie Hawn 1998

  • The actress travels through India, ostensibly to be reunited with an elephant she once knew. During interactions with elephants and their keepers, Hawn discovers the extent to which human destruction of the natural habitat has threatened the elephants survival. This video is a great way to see up close and personal how elephants live in the wild and interact with each other and humans.

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Eyewitness' ElephantsElephants By Eyewitness 1995

Ever wonder how an elephant got its trunk? This question, and many more, are answered in Eyewitness´ Elephant: a wild exploration of the world's largest land animal. From their evolutionary ancestors to their interactions with the modern world, their lives are displayed in fascinating detail via the magic of DK Vision's expert graphic artists and camera people. This video is suitable for people of all ages; whether it's the great pictures, the beautiful animals, or facts about those loveable pachyderms.

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National Geographic ElephantElephant: National Geographic Classic 1997

This video takes its viewers from Sri Lanka to Kenya with an in-depth look at the magnificent Asian and African elephants. With some incredible photography taken around the world, a scene from the birth of a baby elephant, and a intimate look at Daphne Sheldrick´s wildlife orphanage, this is a great video to watch.

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