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An Elephant's Sensory World

The following pages help to open our eyes to the elephant; by better understanding an elephant's view of the world we come to see these individuals as the amazing beings they are.

Consider the impact our senses have on the nature of our experience. Defining the range of what we see, hear, smell, feel and ultimately take in, our senses play a huge role in determining our world. Thus, it is vital to recognize the world of the elephant is much different from our world. An elephant typically does not have as far reaching eyesight as humans do, but his/her sense of smell is unparalleled. Also, an elephant is capable of hearing sound waves well below our the human hearing limitation (approx. 30 Hertz). Typically, an elephant's numerous different rumbles will span between 14 and 35 Hertz. The far reaching use of high pressure infrasound opens the elephant's spatial experience far beyond our limited capabilities. 

Each and every observation of another species really must take into account the world they live in to gain real insight into their lives. What we tend to forget is our world of value is seen completely differently based solely on the sensory experience a being receives. 

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