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Baby Cycle

The life-cycles of an elephant can give key insights into their physical and intellectual processes.

The life-cycles of the elephant have been arbitrarily broken up into three main divisions.  These divisions are based on the multitude of experiences and changes that occur in the different phases of development in the life of an elephant.

A Baby!The BABY life-cycle describes the physical appearance of the new-born calf and its dependency on others in the herd for survival. After being in the mother's womb for about 22 months (the longest gestation period in mammals), the calves have a great deal to learn. The earliest calves are born about two months before the rains appear with fresh growth. Interestingly, the interval between births is between two and a half to four years which gives time for the current new-born to learn the ropes of being an elephant; this includes figuring out how to use their trunks to eat, drink and wash as well as many more tasks to become somewhat self sufficient.

The ADOLESCENT life-cycle briefly describes the sexual maturity that is achieved, as well as the phenomenon of herds being broken up and formed. 

The ADULT life-cycle briefly describes the great similarities between the adult elephant and the adult human, such as age-related illnesses.

Taken together, these sections on the life-cycles will provide fascinating information on the elephant.  This can only further validate what amazing beings they are!

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