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Asian Elephant Conservation: Population Data

The Elephant Populations of India

The distribution of wild elephants in India can be described under four regions - northern, north-eastern, cenrtal and southern India.

  1. Northern population:

The elephants in northern India are found in a wide belt along the Himalayan foothills (the teraibhabhar region) in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The populations are broken into six distinct sub-populations ranging between Tanakpur and Haldwani, in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, between Haldwani and Ramnagar, between Ramnagar and Koh river, between Koh and Ganges and between Ganges and the Yamuna river. The latter three sub-populations include the Corbett and the Rajaji National Park and the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary elephants. The estimated population in 1996 was around 700-1000 elephants. The largest concentrations of elephants are seen in the Rajaji and Crobett National Parks. Data from these areas indicate that the population structures are somewhat normal in which the ration of male to female is as followos: 1:1.3 in Rajaji and 1:2.2 in Corbett

  1. North-eastern population:

There are three major elephant populations in the North-East of the country.

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