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For elephants & elephant lovers: the elephant information repository is an in-depth resource for  elephant related news, elephant events, and a trunk full of elephant related information.

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African ElephantsWild Orphans by Gerry Ellis: This brand new book on Elephant Orphans from Kenya is a heart warming story. Click here to view and order.

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  1. Tina the elephant will go to the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee - May 31,2003
  2. See the top selling elephant books
  3. Foster a baby elephant orphan through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  4. I have updated the circus information page with comments from the Elephant Trust

Elephants are Amazing.
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This site has a large amount of information on elephants from their anatomy to the cultures they form in the wild. Also, it is an important source for links, news, conservation, books, and much more. The focus of this site is to share some of the amazing stories, facts, and characteristics of the largest land mammal still in existence today. The goal of this page is to prevent needless suffering, to ultimately save the elephant beyond being caged for our entertainment, and to educate people beyond our generally narrow understanding of elephants (please see our mission statement).

Elephants are amazing animals to see in their own environment. They are incredibly social creatures who have lasting memories, and can communicate over long distances through low range sound waves. They show a range of cognitive capabilities and social behaviour which most people, especially those that benefit from using elephants, would like to reserve for human beings

"They are a large, funny animal, and they seem to know when they have done something dumb. They convey a sense of knowing how they fit into the world."
(J .Poole quoted in The Fate Of The Elephant)

They are truly amazing! Please stay a while and learn more about the elephant...

Featured Elephant Site: Elephant Orphanage - The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Elephant Repository FeatureThe Sheldrick Trust has had a few new elephant orphan arrivals in 2003 and need help to raise these elephants and integrate them back into the wild. Please see more information on their elephant orphans and desnaring program.


Amazon.Com We are associated with to raise awareness about the beautiful life of elephants and to generate funds for certain elephant related charities. By ordering a book through our links you can help elephants!! (please click for more information)

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Sheldrick Wildlife TrustSince our association with Amazon began, we have raised over $600 (Up to Apr. 28,2003). We are currently sponsoring The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. If you are interested is seeing the breakdown of Elephant Books we have sold so far please click here to see which elephant book is the most popular with our readers. Now you can foster an elephant orphan on-line.

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Living with compassion and understanding in our daily lives opens our minds and hearts to the wonders of the world and gives us the ability to be free.

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